Analyze the Brand Competition of Laser Cutting Machine Enterprises

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First, the difference in brand demand The purpose of laser cutting machine brand differentiation is to transform the product's core strengths or personality differences into brands to meet the individual customers' needs. A successful laser cutting machine brand has a differentiating feature, which is different from the competitors, and then connects the brand's differences with the customer's psychological needs in a consistent manner. In this way, brand positioning information is accurately conveyed to Markets occupy a favorable position in the hearts of potential customers. The purpose is to create and cultivate certain characteristics for its own laser cutting machine products, have a rich personality, and establish a unique market image to distinguish it from competitors and effectively determine the product's neutral position in the customer's mind. With the increasing homogeneity of laser cutting machine companies and products, there are more and more similar products, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. To break through, companies must select their own brand positioning strategy according to actual needs. Find the right market position for your company and products.
Second, the brand quality as a king The reason why a laser cutting machine brand is well-known, can get customers praise, must be derived from excellent quality and perfect service, which is the basis of the brand, there is no excellent quality and perfect service guarantee, Even the best brands will be rejected by customers. This shows in the market that customers who have purchased a laser cutting machine product can continue to buy the brand and recommend it to others. Improving the quality of products and services is a prerequisite for brand promotion. It is directly related to whether it can become a real brand and brand name.
Here, competition is divided into two parts: product quality and service quality. With the rapid development of metal laser cutting machines in the Chinese market for more than a decade, the barriers to entry have rapidly declined, and metal laser cutting machines are no longer mysterious. However, due to differences in the processing level and manufacturing precision of various companies, the efficiency of various brands of products has been increasing. There is a big difference in terms of consumption, consumption, and stability, especially when compared with foreign brands. In the future where energy consumption and environmental protection requirements are higher and higher, the role of product quality in market competition will become more and more significant. The service includes pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, in which the pre-sales and sales-in services can be combined as a sales skill, which is also the place where the salesman needs to pay attention. As an individual service type, after-sales service has been paid more and more attention by laser cutting machine manufacturers and channel distributors. Because it is not only a continuation service of a transaction, but also a marketing idea and method, to create their own high-end after-sales service brand is the next direction of laser cutting machine suppliers to actively implement the direction. We can see that not only the manufacturers have proposed to strengthen after-sales service, but also the agents at all levels have a new understanding of after-sales service.
But at the same time, after-sales service also has a negative phenomenon, one is over-service, maintenance can be repaired but not repair but full change, minor repair change in repair, repair repair overhaul; one is to raise disease, maintenance is always Staying with one hand and resolving the needs of the moment is the same as the "Gang Ergong" in the arena; the third is to rob the service and steal the original after-sales service items with low prices, alternatives, etc., but this type of service team is simple and maintenance work , Easy money to make repair projects rush, incurable diseases, or minor diseases caused by the lack of technology to complete a serious illness disappeared. As a result, the relationship between merchants is tense, creating a vicious circle. The supplier thinks that he sells the equipment to the customer with a meagre profit, and he does not make any other profit besides providing the warranty. Once he encounters a problem that the customer is unable to solve, he is in revenge: either he does not want to provide the service or he raises the service cost. The customer thinks that the equipment is purchased by itself, and the original after-sales service price is very different from the market price. Whoever wants to provide service is for whom, but when the equipment encounters problems that cannot be solved, the manufacturers and agents also Need to fulfill the service obligation.
There is only one reason for actually forming such a contradiction, that is, the cost of after-sales service, which is the price competition, which is mainly reflected in the price difference between genuine products and high imitations and substitutes.
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