Application of field automatic weather station

The RYQ-2 Automatic Weather Station is an automated, traditional weather station. For example, if you measure the air image index in remote areas, the system can be transmitted wirelessly via GPRS, or the data stored on the host can be copied regularly. In the case of a communication network, GPRS can be used to transmit to the weather monitoring center. Powered by solar panels, equipped with batteries, has long been working in remote fields! The application of sharp research Zhihua field automatic weather station


1. Traffic Weather Monitoring Special Equipment

Provides weather and road status data for traffic management departments to ensure traffic safety; it also provides timely and objective observation data for traffic weather forecasts; thus improving forecast accuracy.

2. Comprehensive and accurate traffic weather measurement parameters, indexing the degree of road surface danger

The automatic meteorological observatory of the expressway accumulates the technical design experience of sensors and collectors accumulated by our company for many years;
Can be used as a traffic weather station.
Easy to install, easy to maintain, high reliability, low maintenance costs

3, powerful central station software monitoring and management capabilities

The central station adopts object-oriented thinking to carry out system analysis and design. The software development is based on the windows platform.

9, flexible architecture can be system expansion at any time

RYQ-2 automatic weather

The Global Positioning Digital High Precision Automatic Weather Station is a standard weather station designed and produced according to the Meteorological Observation Standards of the International Meteorological Organization (WMO). All meteorological sensor indicators meet the weather industry standard of the People's Republic of China. It is the digital high-accuracy automatic meteorological station with the most complete observational features and the most powerful functions in the industry. At the same time, it is also the first automatic weather station to achieve global positioning.

Automatic weather station

The automatic weather station is used for on-site monitoring of weather conditions such as atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature, and soil moisture. With the mobile phone weather SMS service function, it can communicate with the Meteorological Center computer through various communication methods, and transmit the meteorological data to the meteorological center computer meteorological database for statistical analysis and processing of meteorological data.

The automatic weather station is composed of meteorological sensors, micro-computer meteorological data acquisition instruments, power supply systems, radiation protection hoods, all-weather protection boxes, meteorological observation supports, and communication modules. Sensors such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, and wind direction are special weather sensors for outdoor use and have high accuracy and high reliability.


There are many types of automatic weather stations, their structures are basically the same, mainly composed of sensors, collectors, system power supplies, communication interfaces and peripheral devices (computers, printers, etc.).


Wind speed sensor A device or device that senses the change in measured meteorological elements and converts them into usable output signals according to a certain rule, usually consisting of sensitive components and converters.

The sensors commonly used in automatic weather stations include:

Barometric Pressure - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

Temperature - platinum resistance temperature sensor

Humidity - humidity sensor humidity sensor

Wind direction - wind direction sensor

Wind speed - wind cup type wind speed sensor

Rainfall - tipping rain sensor

Radiation - thermopile radiation sensor

Ground temperature - platinum resistance ground temperature sensor

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