Chengdu boy eats button battery for 18 hours before seeing a doctor

Button Battery

According to, in the early morning of the morning, the Chengdu Women and Children's Center Hospital rescued a boy who accidentally swallowed a button battery. Although the battery was successfully removed, the boy's esophagus has been corroded by the battery lye. Doctors reminded parents to keep their children away from the inconspicuous "killer" of button batteries.

Emergency treatment of the child's esophagus is burned through

At 0:00 in the morning yesterday, a 1-year-old boy Xiaoyu was sent to the operating room of the Chengdu Women and Children's Central Hospital. He accidentally swallowed a button cell and the parents sent him to the hospital 18 hours later. The battery leaks quickly in Xiaoyu's esophagus, a highly corrosive alkaline liquid that corrodes Xiaoyu's esophagus.

"I have been in medical care for more than 20 years. If a child swallows a button battery, the esophagus must be perforated. If not taken out quickly, the battery will fall into the chest from more and more perforations, corrode the heart and large blood vessels, causing fatality. Big bleeding." Liang Jun, an otolaryngologist, said that Xiaoyu is on the line of life and death and must be operated immediately.

After 40 minutes of surgery, the battery was successfully removed. The metal on the surface of the battery was eroded into black, and Xiaoyu's esophagus was burned through. Fortunately, other organs were not damaged.

捡 枇杷 swallowed the button battery

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, Xiaoyu's mother Huang Tao was crying outside the intensive care unit. "Self-blame and regret, did not optimistic about the child, did not send the child to the hospital in time after the incident." Huang Tao said that although I heard that the operation was very successful, but she has not seen the child since the operation, I am very worried.

Huang Tao is a Neijiang person. She told reporters: "Xiaoyu has never eaten cockroaches. He bought him a few times this time. He is very happy. In the process of eating, he fell to the ground, and Xiaoyu picked it up and went to his mouth. After eating it, I saw him cough a few times, thinking that he had eaten the nucleus, and did not put it in his heart. Afterwards, he thought that he might stick the button battery on the ground."

After a period of eating, Xiaoyu was not abnormal. It was not until more than 10 hours later that she discovered that Xiaoyu couldn't eat anything and quickly sent it to the Chengdu Women and Children's Center Hospital.

At present, Xiaoyu is maintaining life through intravenous high nutrition. The doctor said that Xiaoyu could not eat from his mouth for half a month. In addition, Xiaoyu is more likely to have a narrow esophagus in the future, may have difficulty eating, and needs to undergo esophageal dilation surgery.

Doctor reminder

If you accidentally swallow foreign body, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

"This week, I have already encountered three children who have swallowed foreign bodies." Liang Jun said that there are several similar operations every month. Due to the negligence of parents, the situation of children eating food, coins, pins, pens, nails and other foreign objects has occurred frequently.

The doctor reminded that when children are playing, parents should not let children touch foreign objects that are easy to swallow. If you encounter a child who accidentally swallows foreign objects, be sure to forbid the child to eat and drink again, and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Never take measures on your own.

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