China's freeze-drying technology improves efficiency by 30%

China's freeze-drying technology improves efficiency by 30%

The freeze-drying process is a complex process of heat and mass transfer, involving refrigeration, vacuum, electronics, chemistry, cryogenics, and other disciplines. It has a high technological content and a complex freeze-drying process. With the increasingly widespread application of freeze-drying technology in many fields such as pharmaceutical production, file dewetting, specimen preservation, food production, cultural relics and archaeology, people are increasingly demanding for their technical parameters and level of intelligence. The product development of China's small and medium sized freeze dryers began in the 1980s. At present, there are more than 10 manufacturers, all of which are in the state of satisfying only the most basic freeze-drying requirements. The overall technical level has always been at a low level. Although foreign products have good technical performance, they are expensive and cannot satisfy a wider range of user choices. Therefore, it is very urgent to develop an internationally-leading intelligent freeze-drying machine.

China's freeze-drying technology has made important progress and efficiency has increased by about 30%

The “Intelligent Freeze Dryer Series Product Development and Application” jointly completed by the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, the Experimental Instrument Factory, and Beijing Sihuan Science Instrument Factory Co., Ltd. was awarded the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Tianjin. The project is based on the cutting-edge of freeze-drying technology and combines high-efficiency and environmentally friendly refrigeration systems. It has completed a number of independent innovation technologies and expanded its application and promotion scope.

At the media symposium held by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences on the 30th, Senior Engineer Jiang Jianhua of the project said that the project team members have developed multi-functional monitoring software for 25 years, realizing remote real-time collection and tracking of freeze-dried data. As well as the real-time monitoring of the freeze-drying process, a highly efficient, green, environmentally friendly single-machine hybrid refrigeration system was developed. Established for the first time in the country to determine the eutectic point of the material on the basis of the combination of the material impedance value and the impedance change rate; establish the precise control of the vacuum degree by the infiltration method, and increase the freeze-drying efficiency by about 30%; establish the vacuum degree and the shelf temperature Freeze-drying endpoint online determination method combined with material temperature; establishment of precise control technology for multi-layer shelf temperature under complex environmental conditions; automatic control of 16 freeze-drying process flows; improved boiling and glass of freeze-dried materials (1216, 2.00, 0.16%) chemical phenomena increase the efficiency and quality of freeze-dried products.

The project has been granted 8 patents and published 10 papers. In 2008, it received funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology's key new product plan project. In 2009, it won the Independent Innovation Silver Award at the International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and won the International Invention Exhibition Gold Award in 2012. At present, this achievement has entered the mass production stage and has been widely used in teaching and scientific research, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, monitoring, quality inspection, archeology, aerospace and many other fields, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits.

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