China's LED display exports to the world as much as 80 or more

In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, many domestic LED real companies have seen overseas markets with profits as high as about 60 billion yuan. According to valid statistics, China's LED display exports to the world today are as high as 80 or more. However, under such a wave of exports, LED display companies should choose how to export when they choose to export. How to win the recognition of overseas customers and open up overseas markets is worthy of the issues that LED display companies need to think about. Export enterprises should tailor their own brands and need to measure their strength. Zhang Yansheng, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, once said that China’s LED industry exports should participate in global economic cooperation and competition, and establish new advantages. From the foundry mode to the independent production mode, from the price competition mode to the differentiated competition mode, the technological content and value-added ability will be transformed from the low end to the middle and high end. However, it is not easy to change from the foundry mode to the independent production mode. The most important way for China's domestic LED display companies to export abroad is OEM production. OEM production refers to enterprises with advantageous brands in order to reduce costs, shorten the transportation distance, seize the market, and entrust other enterprises to carry out processing and production. And to provide these manufacturers with product design parameters and technical equipment support to meet the requirements of product quality, specifications and models, the production of products are posted on the trademark of the client to sell a production and operation model. It is a phenomenon that occurs with the refinement of social division of labor. It represents a kind of division of labor and the idea of ​​refining competition. Its biggest feature is to realize the separation of brand and production, so that producers are more focused on production. Brand owners are freed from tedious production issues and focus on technology, service and branding. However, with the increase of labor costs and the expansion of production scale, production profits tend to decline, and the profits of enterprise foundry workers are very thin. Therefore, in the process of opening up overseas markets, owning own brands for the enterprises themselves Development or external competition has certain advantages. However, if you want to establish a brand in the international market, it is not a matter of paper. The difficulty can be imagined. For example, when Alto Electronics developed its European and American markets in the early years, it also carried out OEM production. During this period, all channel dealers and agent customers demanded that they could not play their own brands. Although Alto Electronics succeeded in the end, and the hardships in this process can be imagined, Alto Electronics’s director Dong Sihua also said that he lost many orders because he insisted on establishing his own brand. As we all know, it is best to be able to play your own brand. However, not every LED display company has the strength to play international brands. In the early stage of survival, under the premise of no major financial support, OEM is normal. Li Zhenlong, general manager of Witm Optoelectronics, exemplified the example of the relationship between HTC and Dopod. As we all know, HTC used to stand behind the scenes to give Dopod a brand name, earned profits in the early stage, and finally used HTC's own brand. For example, iPhone6 ​​is now manufactured by Foxconn in China. If Foxconn masters the core technology of iPhone6, it is not impossible to develop a Foxconn mobile phone based on the iPhone6. All in all, whether it is an OEM or a self-owned brand, it must be based on the status of the corporate capital chain and the development plan of the enterprise. Any enterprise wants to have its own export brand and obtain the added value of its own brand, but the premise must have this strength to operate. Therefore, LED display companies are simply tailored to the problem of choosing the export method. Considering the status of the company's own development and the direction of development, it is good to choose a road that is suitable for the survival of the company, whether it is OEM or independent brand. Reinforce the weak links, and earn the return of the LED display to the overseas market with the quality of after-sales service. The quality is excellent. There is no excellent quality guarantee, and it is not possible to pass various export verifications, especially for European and American products. For customers in Europe, America, Europe and America, the quality requirements are all over the place. Their definition of products is medium and long-term use, whether it is rental or fixed installation. Even in countries such as India and Pakistan that put prices first and not quality first, there is no doubt that certain quality guarantees can produce repeat customers, and LED companies are only responsible for quality, and they can win more customers. Strengthen the voice and initiative of domestic brands in the international arena. In addition to the quality of the product, the quality problem also involves the quality of after-sales service. After-sales service is the weak link in the internationalization process of China's LED display companies. In the overseas after-sales process, often the customer's product is broken, and the remote product will be sent back to the production company after the remote verification. After the company receives the defective product verification, the responsible person signs the new product from the warehouse. It is sent to the customer, and such a time span will take a long time, and the time spent will sometimes delay the customer's time. For example, the concert found defective products, no spare parts replacement, or did not know how to replace the spare parts, and some LED display products can not provide all the accessories for the customer to replace, which requires the production company to carry out timely after-sales service. If the quality of the product is the key to export, then the quality of after-sales service is an effective way to obtain the return rate of overseas customers. At present, the quality of overseas after-sales service has gradually been valued by LED display export enterprises. When the customer discovers the defective product, the company believes in the customer's attitude, and believes that the customer is honest and the main idea, directly through the video or picture given by the customer, after remote recognition, it is determined by our reasons. We immediately and unconditionally transported the product by air, and then after the customer received the spare item, the bad product was sent back, and the expenses incurred were incurred by us. Li Zhenlong said when talking about the company's overseas after-sales service. Such a way of not requiring long-term return of the product for verification, to a certain extent, shortens the time of after-sales service, so that it can provide services to customers in a timely manner. The quality of after-sales service and the timeliness of after-sales service reflect the importance that the company attaches to the customer. The timely and effective after-sales service improves the satisfaction of overseas customers to the company itself. In order to better improve the timeliness of after-sales, the major LED display companies are also working hard here. Some LED display companies have begun to solve the problem of installation and maintenance when they are in the international market. The main idea is to localize the service. The company has certified the enterprise engineer ACE on a global scale. The company not only cultivates customer service engineers but also helps customers. Do the training of engineers. What's more, establish offices or service organizations around the world to solve various service problems in the near future. However, timeliness is only part of the after-sales service. For after-sales service problems, people often enter a misunderstanding. They feel that after-sales service is the corresponding repair work after the product is damaged. However, this is not enough. To achieve the quality of after-sales service, enterprises still need a whole set of after-sales service system to support . Li Zhenlong said: After the customer buys the products of his own company, he will return to the company regularly for three months or six months to ask about the use of the customers. Some suggestions for improvement and improvement, if it is valuable, we will form a reality and form words or products. And gave us suggestions for improving the value, we will give him some discounts on the next product, and the content of his communication with us makes him feel fulfilled. Pay attention to after-sales service, to obtain the satisfaction of overseas customers with the high quality service quality of their own enterprises, and let overseas customers have a sense of accomplishment in order to obtain the return rate of overseas customers and become a repeat customer of the products used.

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