China successfully developed large and medium-sized UAV engines to break the monopoly

With the success of the "Rainbow 3" unmanned aerial vehicle with the "Light Aero Engine TDO Engineering Prototype" mounted by the China Aerospace Aerodynamics Technology Research Institute, the dream of a large Chinese medium-duty drone with a "Chinese heart" has become a reality. Break the long-term technology and market monopoly in this field abroad.
This light aero engine was developed and researched and developed by the Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute of Tianjin University and was trial-produced by Zongshen Power. Tianjin University began to organize scientific research teams to carry out systematic design and development of light aeroengines from 2011. The R&D team has determined that the engine is suitable for large-scale drones and small aircrafts under two for the R&D focus, completes the TDO light aero engine design, key component design and overall machine structure design and process analysis, and is jointly developed by Zongshen Power. TDO prototype trial production.
In March of this year, the TDO engineering prototype of the Tianjin Institute of Internal Combustion Engines was successfully tested for ignition and performance indicators. Tests have shown that the TDO prototype performance fully meets the technical requirements for project development. On April 29, the "Rainbow 3" unmanned aerial vehicle mounted with China Aerospace Aerodynamics Technology Research Institute made the first flight successfully.
According to the experts of the R&D team, the "Light Aero Engine TDO Engineering Prototype" is a piston gasoline engine with an overall performance of the same level as that of foreign unmanned engine engines, and can satisfy the power from 50 kWh to 150 kWh per hour. And general light aircraft needs. With the use of electronic control technology and multi-stage supercharging technology, the engine and its follow-up products can meet the flying needs of UAVs during high altitude and long flight times.
At present, the price of an engine of the same type imported from abroad is about RMB 300,000. After the engine is mass-produced, the market price of this engine is expected to be controlled to be less than two-thirds of that of foreign products, drastically reducing drones and light aircraft. The manufacturing cost.
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