·Conservative price plasma TV decline to the car industry warning

With the withdrawal of Changhong, the only domestic appliance giant betting plasma, it was announced that in the flat-panel TV battle, plasma TVs have completely lost in LCD TVs.
Recently, the assets announced by Sichuan Changhong announced that due to major changes in the plasma industry environment in recent years, the scale of the ion industry market has been shrinking, the shortage of plasma front-end supply chain resources, and the rising cost of plasma screens and module products have led to the rainbow of its plasma business. The European company suffered a serious loss. The company intends to transfer 61.48% equity of Sichuan Hongou Display Device Co., Ltd. to Mianyang Dakun Investment Co., Ltd. by way of agreement transfer, and the transaction price is 64.20 million yuan. It is hoped that the plasma business and assets will be disposed and divested through this move, further enhancing the company's profitability.
This means that the global plasma TV industry will withdraw from the historical stage and will soon be closed. The father of Taoran believes that its rise and fall not only has a significant warning significance for the home appliance industry, but also for the automobile industry.
Working together to achieve a win-win situation Plasma TV is the full name of the Plasma Display Panel, which is called plasma TV in Chinese. It is a device that injects a mixture of gas between two ultra-thin glass plates and applies voltage to illuminate with phosphor.
Once upon a time, plasma TVs were infinite. Panasonic and other manufacturers who master plasma TV technology are even more savvy, and their relevant information is tight-lipped and guarded against it.
Only forced other manufacturers to have to start a new stove, focus on liquid crystal technology, and gathered a lot of related companies with an open mind.
The results of the group's heating and joint response have broken the first-mover advantage of Panasonic's plasma camp. And because the liquid crystal panel has found its use in the fields of smart phones, vertical computers and tablet computers, the liquid crystal manufacturing technology and production technology are more perfect and developed, and the scale benefits are realized.
The Panasonic camp, which holds plasma technology, has been forced to withdraw from the plasma market during the decade since 2004.
Sharing brings follow-up, scale to achieve benefits, the LCD TV industry's camp continues to rise, and later came to the plasma TV industry into the grave, giving people reflection.
The conservative approach ruined a plasma industry that once looked prosperous and brilliant. A flower does not become a spring, a single tree does not become a forest. Attempting to use the unique advantage to get rid of the seemingly brilliant demands of the followers, in the end to prove that only the bamboo baskets fetched water.
So, the brain is smart, Tesla's head, Musk. He posted a blog titled "All of our patents belong to you" on Tesla's official website, announcing that all patents will be opened in order to advance the technology of electric vehicles. And in London, the capital of the UK, it is intended to open up the design technology of the Tesla Super Charging Station system in order to establish the technical standards that other electric vehicle manufacturers can adopt. To occupy the high ground and respond to it, become the leader of the industry standard.
Three piles of a wall fence, three gangs of a hero. If you talk to yourself, you can go to play. The end of the plasma TV industry, which is prosperous and fading, is an extremely profound lesson.
This reminds us that in the research and development fields of new energy vehicles and smart cars, only car companies should maintain an open mind, open up cooperation, efficiently integrate resources, effectively dilute costs, join hands to expand the market, attract all capitals, and share their achievements. Can go to a win-win situation.
The best technology is not necessarily the market demand. The best products do not mean the products that are most needed in the market. The key is that enterprises should find the best match between the advancement of technology and the demand of the market.
When the LCD TV was first introduced, it was like an ugly duckling, and it was dwarfed by plasma TVs. Whether in terms of dynamic definition, visual comfort or color reproduction, contrast, viewing angle and interface richness, responsiveness to rapidly changing images, including saving power, LCD TVs are not rivals, but The indicators are falling behind. As a result, over the years, the industry has spread the saying that "the layman buys liquid crystals and buys plasma inside."
However, what is surprising is that the ugly duckling has gradually become a swan. LCD TVs are popular, and LCD TVs in the home are almost equivalent to the strong economic strength of the family and keep up with the pace of the times. And the plasma TV, fading into the yellow flower yesterday, few people care about it.
The reason why plasma TVs are “satisfied” is the natural adjustment of price leverage in the market.
When LCD TVs and plasma TVs and video tube TVs are in a brutal battle, their prices are flawed in high prices. However, LCD TVs have rapidly reduced the cost by expanding the scale of the camp, and successfully reduced the market price. LCD TVs of the same screen size are only about half or even lower than plasma TVs. Plasma TVs have only maintained a certain advantage for products that are only 42 inches or more.
For Changhong’s exit, the fragmented plasma TV field, the reporter wrote vividly: “In the face of the broken plasma TV camp, the lonely left-behind Changhong, could not wait until the darkness. In the face of shrinking market and huge losses, Changhong Only tears and plasma business farewell, at the same time, the plasma TV that was defeated by LCD TV has reached the historical moment of the curtain call."
After the two technical camps of plasma and LCD are struggling against each other, it is both unexpected and embarrassing, indicating that the seemingly technically optimal products are not necessarily the most appropriate for consumers. All of this is the result of market choices, not to mention that consumers are not sensible.
Then, in this regard, the product should be given more to the market, and its endogenous selection power will naturally be divided. Market demand is the most real. The same is true for the promotion of new energy vehicles.
According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the output of new energy vehicles in China reached 10,113 units in September, an increase of nearly 11 times. Among them, 3,589 pure electric passenger cars produced, up 8 times year-on-year, 2,369 plug-in hybrid passenger cars, 2,166 pure electric commercial vehicles, up nearly 4 times year-on-year, plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production 1989 vehicles, a 70-fold increase over the same period last year. In the first nine months of 2014, China's new energy vehicles produced a total of 41,300 units, a four-fold increase over the same period last year. Among them, pure electric passenger cars produced 19,900 units, a year-on-year increase of 7 times, plug-in hybrid passenger cars produced 8,986 units, a year-on-year increase of 16 times, fuel cell passenger cars produced 4; pure electric commercial vehicles produced 5,248 vehicles , a year-on-year increase of 115%, plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production of 7,197 vehicles, an increase of 154%.
Pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as hydrogen-fueled vehicles that many car companies are developing, will win or lose. I am afraid that there will be no conclusion for a long time. Only the market will be given the final loss in the years. The answer.
There is reason to believe that, just as through the latest technological improvements, LCD TVs have got rid of the previous Cinderella-like image, and the new energy vehicles that stand out from the crowd can also be enchanting and beautiful.
The plasma TV era is accelerating backwards, and the ever-changing technology car is rolling forward!

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