Cross-border marketing into a sanitary brand promotion tool

Throughout China's sanitary ware industry, cross-border marketing has begun to show off, and some sanitary ware brands have tried water cross-border marketing. To enhance the attention of the bathroom brand, it is necessary to promote the development and implementation of a series of marketing strategies. For the low-profile bathroom industry, cross-border marketing is undoubtedly a shortcut to enter the eyes of consumers. Enhancing brand awareness also requires new marketing methods for brand development, and cross-border marketing is a good business choice. Bathroom cross-border marketing to enhance brand awareness relative to the department store industry, the home industry, especially the bathroom industry marketing, a fatal flaw is that most consumers will only take the initiative to pay attention to product or brand information when the decoration. Bathrooms are not like FMCG, so this also determines that bathroom products or brands are rarely noticed. Even after two years, many families have forgotten which brand of bathroom they used. However, to a certain extent, the degree of attention determines the popularity. It can be said that improving the attention of the bathroom brand has become the key to the success of the bathroom business. Cross-border marketing offers new ways to achieve this. The so-called cross-border marketing is two brands that have complementary needs in the user experience. They use the superior resources of both parties to leverage each other in marketing to form a new user experience. While providing consumers with a new consumer experience, the marketing effect has also been more than double the amplification effect. Some sanitary ware companies do not stand still in brand marketing, but are good at leveraging, innovative marketing methods, and set a new paradigm for cross-border marketing. The road is long and long-term, and I hope that the major sanitary ware companies will continue to seek new steps and create new records in the sanitary ware industry. Cross-border marketing of sanitary ware enterprises needs to change ideas. For dealers alone, there are two main reasons for cross-border. First, more dealers do not have their own brands, and hope to get help from other fields to expand their influence. Second, there are cheap and profitable. In the process of cooperation, I occupy you a little cheaper. You also take up a little bit of me. It seems to be a win-win situation. It is actually very difficult, because no one is willing to be a payer. A bathroom brand leader said that if a bathroom distributor wants to develop across a wider market, it is necessary to change its own thinking. For example, in the third- and fourth-tier cities without market concepts, they will be willing to pay for their own brands. Own market advantage, rather than lying on the hotbed of the manufacturer's brand, just want to gain, do not know how to pay, this will only lead to the inability to open the original store, and can not open a new market. In general, bathroom dealers need to go step by step when conducting cross-border alliances, and conduct in-depth research on the way of alliances and content execution, so that consumers can feel more intuitive. With the convenience of shopping, the bathroom brand will be able to gain a foothold in the market.

Automaic Bottle Blowing Machine

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine arrangethe preform into pre-heater and bottle drop out both automatically. Suitable for mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle, fruit juice bottle, oil bottle, cosmetic bottle and so on.

Compared with the traditional Semi-automatic Bottle Blowing Machine, the automatic blowing machine save the labor fee, increase the output. It also can be connect with the Filling Machine to improve the efficiency.

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