Do you know if you use these sweeping vehicles?

There are street sweepers in major cities. It's a spotless magic machine that can quickly create an urban environment. It can be cleaned as long as it passes through the ground, whether it is rubbish or dust. Net, and its use is also very convenient.


Many people are very interested in this new type of cleaning machine. Sometimes we see such a machine on the road. We will stop and look at it. However, it has recently been discovered that people driving sweeping sweeping vehicles do not seem to be professional drivers. Sometimes even sanitation workers in their 50s and 60s can drive road sweepers. Can anyone drive a road sweeper ? ?

In fact, this is not the case. Road sweepers have high demands on the driver. First of all, in the dress, they must meet the basic standard of dress neatness, and must wear work clothes and wear work cards. Although it is a sanitation worker, its representative is also the image of the entire city, so there are very high demands on the performance of the clothing.

Secondly, all drivers must undergo rigorous training to get on board. These rigorous trainings include the presentation of theoretical knowledge and practical operational capabilities. Every driver must be aware of the performance and characteristics of the road sweeper, and he must also master the operation method and some useful operating techniques. Once unskilled personnel are found driving a street sweeper, the consequences are very serious.

In addition to the regular operation of the driver, the driver needs to maintain the overall appearance of the sweeper, and also to ensure the cleanliness of his internal environment. Because it is a public property, all drivers must also wear gloves to perform the operation, and be able to love the various switches and levers.

These are some of the requirements of the operator of the relevant road sweeper description, I believe we now have no doubt that the operator of a street sweeper, each of which can get in the road sweeper driver are fully equipped with the skills, So there is no need for any security burden.

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