Effect of CNC Cutting Machine Parameters on Wafer Cutting

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The influence of the parameters of the CNC cutting machine on the cutting of the wafer The impact of the tension of the steel wire on the cutting has three main forms: 1 If the tension of the steel wire is too small, the curvature of the steel wire will increase, and the silicon carbide of the steel wire will carry. Reduced capacity and reduced cutting efficiency. 2 If the tension of the steel wire is too large, the probability of breakage of the steel wire will greatly increase. Exceeding the range of the cutting ability of silicon carbide is too slow, the cutting ability can not keep up with the feed of the workpiece, not only increases the probability of breakage, but also causes a severe drop in the surface quality of the wafer. Since the wire cutting is abrasive cutting, the cutting ability of the mortar is a major factor in determining the cutting quality. Therefore, the wire speed must be consistent with the cutting ability of silicon carbide, which needs to be judged based on experience. 3 After the tension system is used for a period of time, it is easy to cause a zero offset, so that the tension of the steel wire changes too much, so that it is easy to cause wire breakage, and secondly, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the wafer and correct it in time. The cutting efficiency of the wire cutting machine advances with the progress of the wire speed within the silicon carbide cutting ability. Exceeding the cutting ability of the silicon carbide too quickly can easily cause the swinging amplitude of the steel wire to cross over, and the silicon carbide particles are difficult to adhere to. decline in quality. Moreover, the silicon carbide particles carried by the steel wire can hardly enter the saw seam, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the silicon wafer or a decrease in cutting efficiency. . Therefore, when considering the feed rate of the workpiece, consideration must be given to factors such as the speed of the steel wire, the cutting ability of the mortar, the shape of the workpiece, and the cross-sectional size of the workpiece.
1. The movement speed of steel wire, the production force of steel wire tension is composed of two tension arms with a torque motor or counterweight. It is a PLC control feedback system to properly control the steel wire. The tension. The four important parameters of the NC cutting machine control wafer quality are the tension of the steel wire, the speed of the steel wire, the feed speed of the workpiece, and the cutting capability of the CNC cutting machine for mortar. Mortar is a mixture of suspension and silicon carbide prepared by a certain proportion. The premise of measuring the mortar cutting ability mainly includes the proportion of mortar, the viscosity of mortar, the particle size distribution of silicon carbide, and the grain size of silicon carbide. Factors are not easily quantified, and most departments can only rely on experience to determine. The consequences of its rapidity and slowness coincide with the speed of the steel wire.
2, the workpiece feed rate and steel wire tension is different, the general machine tool steel wire movement can be divided into two types of reciprocating motion and one-way motion according to need, in the case of one-way motion, the steel wire always maintains a speed and direction In the case of steel wire reciprocating, the wire speed is first accelerated from the zero point in one direction (usually 2 to 3 seconds) to the designated speed. After running for a period of time, it is gradually reduced to the original direction. Zero, pause briefly (usually 0.2 seconds), and then slowly accelerate to the specified speed in the opposite direction, and then slowly reduce to zero in the opposite direction. The cycle is a brief period of time (usually 0.2 seconds). The swing amplitude of the steel wire increases, the thickness of the workpiece changes, the number of line marks increases, and the variation of wafers varies. But the size of the workpiece feed speed is not an independent parameter, but is closely related to the speed of the steel wire and the cutting ability of the mortar used, and sometimes different feed rates are used depending on the position of the workpiece shape feed ( For example, in order to ensure the surface TTV of the round workpiece, the workpiece feed can be improved at the beginning and at the end of the cross-section, and the workpiece feed speed can be reduced at the intermediate position where the interface becomes larger.
3, mortar cutting ability The workpiece feed rate is the main decisive factor of the entire cutting time.
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