Energy saving is the trend of LED lighting

Technology is a hard condition for development, and design penetrates into every corner of people's lives with soft power. With the development of lighting technology and the development of LED technology, the application of LED lighting in daily life has become more and more common. How to develop and design excellent LED lighting products, firmly attract customers' attention, and quickly seize market opportunities, has become the goal that every lighting design worker has tried to achieve.

At present, the application of LED lighting is still dominated by public facilities, and airports, stations, hotels, etc. are all major LED lighting applications. This paper takes the lighting project of Chengdu Airport New Terminal as an example to discuss the current needs and development trends of LED lighting design and engineering design.

Energy conservation is the constant pursuit

Under the premise of using LED light source, how to further improve the energy-saving effect of lamps is a new topic before us.

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