FAW Xichai Multi-dimensional Strengthen Manufacturing Strength

"For a worker to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools." This ancient Chinese wisdom is now in the place of Qian Hengrong, director of the Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FAW Xichai"). Another simpler, more popular and outrageous statement: “World-class equipment is the precondition for the production of high-end power.” It is under his leadership that FAW Xichai, which has spanned a 71-year long journey, continues to innovate and achieve excellence in quality. With leading quality products, the company has created miracles of “two million kilometers without major repairs”, “600,000 Taiwan off-line”, “three consecutive years of high rankings”, and so on.

Building a strong hardware power is one of the secrets of FAW Xichai's success. For a long time, FAW Xichai has always pursued the idea of ​​“making first-class equipment and manufacturing first-class products”, increased capital investment, introduced top-notch equipment in a big way, and provided the strongest and most powerful guarantee for the strength of FAW Xichai to manufacture hardware.

Leading equipment to ensure high quality and efficiency

In the past decades, FAW Xichai has attracted many talents from all walks of life. With an open attitude and a global perspective, it has invested heavily in the introduction of sophisticated advanced production equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany, and other countries. Including the vibration analysis instrument produced by the Danish BK company that has been introduced by FAW Xichai, the Japanese Horiba MEXA-7100 exhaust gas analyzer, the US DYNESYSTEMS eddy current dynamometer, the German GROB processing center and the special plane, the US GE ultrasonic flaw detector and other world leading production. , R & D, monitoring equipment. The accumulation of steps and even miles, continuous accumulation and continuous upgrading over the past decades, making today's FAW Wuxi, has the leading industry's production hardware strength. According to the relevant staff of the FAW Xichai production line, currently, FAW Xichai has a series of world-class production equipment such as rotary test bench racks, cold start environmental storage tanks, emission and durability test benches, and vibration test benches. CFD simulation, CAE calibration analysis, VEGA automatic calibration, DRIVE vehicle calibration and other design, development, analysis and Other Systems. The introduction of these advanced equipment and systems has fundamentally changed the production model of FAW Xichai and improved the production efficiency of FAW Xichai.

The powerful hardware strength not only greatly improves the production efficiency of the company, but also fundamentally realizes the qualitative leap of product manufacturing. The introduction of a large number of advanced production quality assurance equipment has enabled FAW Xichai to raise its quality control capability to a new level in the production process. FAW Xichai has enhanced the verification and failure analysis capabilities of its production lines through the addition of generator test stands, starter test stands, steering pump test stands, air pressure pump test stands, and water pump test benches, which greatly enhances FAW Xichai's production department. The supplier management capabilities, to promote the supplier quality system to enhance the ability to ensure; through the addition of rubber hardness tester, rubber tensile testing machine, thermal aging box, rubber prototype, opened a precedent for domestic counterparts, so that the factory has the routine testing conditions for rubber materials, carry out The quality evaluation of rubber parts has broadened the scope of quality control in the production process and effectively improved the quality of production. It has reached the leading level in the industry. The introduction of a series of first-class equipment has made FAW Xichai fully equipped with metal and non-metal. Material analysis, noise, vibration and emissions tests, electronic control system tests, engine and component size and cleanliness evaluation, salt spray test, assembly performance test and overall performance review, product reliability test, test equipment measurement Identification and other series of hardware capabilities to enhance engine quality, in order to achieve Brand, high-end power, "the grand vision laid a solid physical foundation.

Top base, showing strong strength

In order to realize the leap-forward development of the company's production strength, FAW Xichai casts stainless steel to the edge. With the vision of building a high profile and the willingness of the millionaires to focus on the long-term, macro-efficient energy efficiency, the company has made every effort to build the hardware foundation of the system, and will invest in the early stage. Do enough to provide support and protection for the production of enterprises. This point has been reflected in the investment and construction of the Wuxi base at Wuxi. The Xixi Diesel Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Production Base was built with a cost of RMB 2.2 billion. It covers an area of ​​about 260,000 square meters and has a total investment of RMB 1.67 billion. On June 30, 2011, the joint workshop was completed and equipment was installed. By the end of December, all project construction of the new base will be completed, achieving an annual capacity of 40,000 diesel engines for 6DM and an additional capacity of 30,000 units for 6DL.

From a certain point of view, FAW Xichai heavy-duty engine production base is the most vivid “decade review field” for FAW Xichai hardware strength. The production line of Huishan Base is designed around three leading companies: "Manufacturing Level Leading, Process Equipment Leading, and Quality Control Leading." The machining line integrates agile, high-efficiency, automation, and informationization. The proportion of imported equipment is 65%. The proportion of flexible equipment is 67%, the numerical control rate is over 90%, and the manufacturing level is in the leading position in the world. With the principle of "First Class in China and International Advanced", Xichai has established a supply system consisting of about 200 suppliers. The main parts suppliers are well-known companies at home and abroad, such as oil pumps and nozzles provided by Bosch and Denso; strong bolts are exclusively supplied by KAMAX in Germany; and key components such as bearings and pistons are all manufactured by Miba, Mahle and Opter. And other top suppliers.

Huishan new base assembly line equipment is highly automated and the entire line is controlled by PLC. The RGV trolley is used for the test run, and the test bench can realize quick test. The whole machine painting is automatically sprayed by robots. The whole line adopts electronic technology to achieve green environmental protection. The completion and production of the new Huishan base enabled FAW Xichai to achieve a total production capacity of 800,000 sets of heavy, medium and light diesel engines, and increased the supply of core powertrains for the Jiefang brand heavy-duty trucks. It also promoted the large-scale development of national brands of FAW Xichai, making FAW Xichai China's three major bases: the main production base of its own brand engine, the main manufacturing base for heavy-duty engines, and the main export base for its own-brand engine.

In the new factory building of the FAW-Xichai Huishan base, the busy robots and the trussed robots often make people admire the abundant hardware power of FAW Xichai, and at the same time, it is even more a product of FAW Xichai's engine products. Deep recognition and trust - after all, the products produced by such first-class equipment are undoubtedly second to none in quality and performance.

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