How to buy UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometers are conventional laboratory analytical instruments. Can be widely used in inorganic, organic matter qualitative, quantitative It is said that ultraviolet, visible spectrophotometer is a ruler a balance, where there are laboratory, analysis of the place can use it. So, how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a UV and visible spectrophotometer? First of all, we must examine its appearance. Imagine how an instrument with rough appearance and rough work can be an advanced instrument. Then, we discuss several important indicators that will have a great impact on the use of the instrument: 1. Photometric Accuracy Photometric accuracy refers to the difference between the actual measured photometric reading and the true value. It is the direct requirement of the user for the instrument, and each user must pay attention to it. 2. Stray light It refers to light where there should be no light. It is the main source of error in spectral measurements. Of course, the smaller the value, the better. 3. Spectral bandwidth refers to the band width at 1/2 height of the monochromatic spectral line intensity profile curve emitted from the monochromator. Characterize the spectral resolution of the instrument. According to Beer's Law, the spectral bandwidth should be as small as possible, but if the instrument's light source energy is weak, the optical sensor's sensitivity is low, the spectral bandwidth is small, and ideal measurement results are not obtained. Therefore, be careful when selecting and using the instrument. 4. Stability Stability is one of the most important indicators of users. The purpose of the instrument is stability and reliability, not to mention reliability. 5. Noise noise is also one of the important indicators of the instrument. It characterizes the instrument's ability to make dilute solutions. The smaller this indicator, the better. 6. Wavelength Accuracy and Repeatability Each value of the instrument is measured at a certain wavelength. If the indicated wavelength is different from the actual wavelength, how does the measured value match the true value? What about? The importance of this indicator can be seen.

In short, these indicators are independent and interrelated, each of which has a great influence on the use of the instrument. I hope that everyone can buy ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometers, do more comparisons, make more judgments, and earnestly find a stable and reliable helper.

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