·International standard for international standards for electronic labels for tires

From July 11th to 14th, the global launching of four international standards for RFID electronic tags for tires was held in Brussels, Belgium.

These four standards are led by China. The main drafts of Soft Control Co., Ltd. and many organizations and units from 9 countries around the world participated in the drafting.

The four standards were applied in June 2015, and the project was formally established at ISO on October 6, 2015, and a working group was established.

The convener of the working group is Dong Lanfei from China Software Control Co., Ltd., and the co-convenor is Pierre Loiret from Michelin, France.

The participants of the global start-up meeting included 12 representatives from the National Tire Rim Standardization Technical Committee, Soft Controls, Sailong Jinyu Group, Shenzhen Jinruiming Technology, Wanli Tire, Triangle Tire, Michelin (China), from France. There are 12 national standardization organizations and enterprise representatives from Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries, with a total of 24 experts.

The conference received strong support from the International Organization for Standardization/Tire, Rim and Valve Technical Committee, China National Standardization Administration Committee/Tyre Wheel Rim Standardization Technical Committee, European Tire Rim Technical Organization, and French Standardization Association.

The kick-off meeting will be hosted by the convener Dong Lanfei. The experts fully expressed their suggestions and opinions on the four international standards for RFID electronic tags for tires, resolved the differences between the parties, and finally reached the unification of the opinions of various countries and experts.

The second global meeting of the working group will be held in Hainan, China, in December 2016.

At that time, the experts will continue to discuss the unfinished standard recommendations, while the advancement criteria will be entered into the CD (Committee) draft phase from the WD (Draft Draft) phase.

These four international standards are the first ISO standard for international standards in China's tire industry, and the first international standard for electronic products for tires.

The drafting of four international standards will accelerate the application of RFID technology in tires and contribute to the technological progress of the tire industry.

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