Japan's New Imaging System Visualizes the Brain

Tohoku University in Japan announced in July this year that they have developed an ultra-thin fluorescent endoscope imaging system. The commercialization of this product will also be sold to many scientific research institutions.
This new type of system is mainly composed of different components such as a minimally-invasive ultra-thin endoscope, a dedicated small-sized imaging system, a lens for image capture, and a fluorochrome-activating laser. For this kind of system, when used, it can be convenient for us to better visualize the changes of the brain's neural activity in the case of a small wound, and it can also reduce the cost of visualization of the brain. of.

The new series of devices will simultaneously form a complete imaging system, which can increase the light transmission effect while allowing our brain to achieve multi-cell imaging, as well as being able to distinguish individual cells that emit fluorescent light. This device for studying living organisms will also be used in future clinical trials, and it can also be of great help for many brain diseases.

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