LED companies in the first two quarters of this year, the overall operation has been several times in previous years

Returning to rationality, or returning to the source, can also be seen as an inevitable manifestation of the market's development near maturity. This year's 19th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, perhaps the highlight of the surface can not be said in a word, but this may be the return to reality One side: from spontaneous, chasing, disorder, to standard, gradually getting on the right track, and then more and more subdivided into the market, each professional application field is more and more in-depth and professional, more need to wait and see, Shen Think about it.
According to the organizers, there were more than 2,000 exhibitors actually present at the Guangya Exhibition this year, a decrease of 10 compared with last year, and the overall exhibition area increased by 5~8 compared with last year. The market concentration has changed. At the same time, the growth of the market has also led LED to ushered in the golden period of the industry after experiencing the recovery and precipitation of the short-term market last year. It was learned at the exhibition site that many LED companies have been operating in the first two quarters of this year. Several times.
Here, in particular, some of the vivid details and viewpoints of the observed light show will be presented and shared with you. Guangya re-supplied LED filament hot air has been released in various countries. The LED filament lamp with the characteristics of nostalgic incandescent lamp has become a fragrant scent. It is undoubtedly a good news for the entire LED industry. It is also an important thing for traditional incandescent lamps manufacturers. Transformation opportunities. Traditional LED light sources are designed around LED lights that are illuminated 180 degrees, and the illumination angle is always not ideal. Since the chip can be packaged on the bracket, in theory, it is also feasible to directly package the chip on the filament-shaped substrate, which promotes the rapid birth of the LED filament lamp. On the afternoon of June 10th, the LED industry ushered in a grand event. Sichuan Baishi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Tianxing Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony and a new product launch conference at Dinghu Hall, 3rd Floor, Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.
At the meeting, according to Wang Peng, general manager of Baishi Optoelectronics Marketing Center, there are two major development directions for LED filament lamps in the future. One is to replace the market of incandescent lamps, and the other is to develop in the direction of high lumens and high power. As a professional manufacturer of LED devices, displays and lighting fixtures, Baishi has successfully developed LED filament lamps at the beginning of last year. At present, the company has obvious advantages in the market, and its products are exported to overseas, which is in short supply, especially in North America, Europe and South America. .
It is understood that starting in 2014, the United States, China, South Korea and Australia and other countries and regions will extend the ban policy from the existing commercial and industrial fields to the civilian sector, and energy conservation and emission reduction will be implemented in residential indoor lighting, LED filament lamps. Development is at the right time. The development of LED filament lamps is not necessarily a hot air. Its emergence has a revolutionary significance. As long as it breaks through the technical bottleneck and lowers the cost price, the impact on the LED lighting field will gradually increase in the future, and it meets the needs of some nostalgic people. This part of the market potential is very impressive, and will occupy a part of the market in the future. How many manufacturers of LED applications are homogenized? Do you really understand and care about light distribution, breadth, color and comfort? This is a view of a visitor last year. It is said from the previous Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition that the homogenization tendency of domestic manufacturers is still serious. Some manufacturers have rushed to launch so-called new products for lighting exhibitions, and asked about their technical indicators and matching. Most of the light curves are based on the fact that new products have not been tested.
And this time some well-known domestic enterprises, Op Lighting launched its own patented products, in the visit, the Opto executives said that the design of the lamps is not only the performance of the light distribution design but also the beautiful design.
Guangya scraping LED intelligent wind LED intelligent control direction is becoming more and more obvious. It is not difficult to see from this exhibition that the determination of enterprises to develop intelligent control is no longer hesitant last year. Especially in the current market maturity, often the direction you choose determines your future status. A high-level enterprise executive who is engaged in intelligent control said that the metaphor is very appropriate: for companies that are interested in developing intelligent lighting control systems, they see who is the first to seize the market and take the initiative in the market, but the company still needs Good balance between the present and the future.
From visiting the booth of ON Semiconductor, it was found that ON Semiconductor exhibited the products and solutions for LED general illumination at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, including LED driver solutions for different power levels, dimming, isolation/non-isolation requirements. Mr. Wu Zhimin, Director of Application Engineering of ON Semiconductor China, said that the LED general lighting market has gradually changed, and the intelligent lighting market is an inevitable trend in the future development of lighting.
Changes in the display of various brand booths can also see changes in the application of LEDs. In the past year's Guangya Exhibition, the display of intelligent lighting was dominated by international giants such as Philips and Osram. This year, we can see that domestic companies have also launched, among which BYD launched WI-FI dimming products based on self-developed ICs.

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