Luan Ping wins the honor of "China's Top 10 Guided Entrepreneurs"

On July 12th, at the Fifth China Enterprise Education Top 100 Annual Awards Ceremony, Yu Ping of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board of Directors distinguished itself for his outstanding corporate training organization work and won the title of “Top Ten Chinese Teaching Entrepreneurs”.

The learning atmosphere of a company depends to a large extent on the importance it attaches to its “heads”. Whether it is in the cadre meeting or the staff meeting, Yu Ping, the head of the Yuchai People, is a person who will talk about “learning” and will talk about “skills” at every meeting. Since he took charge of Yuchai, Fuping continued to deepen the corporate culture construction, from the core concept of “green development, harmony and win-win” to the team building concept “high-quality cadre team, high-performance management team, creative labor group” to the team The spirit of “high realm, great bosom, literacy, and re-cultivation,” and then to the cadre accomplishment, “re-practice, study hard, strictly demand, improve, and love employees” all reflect his “learning” in the corporate management culture. The penetration and attention of "skills". At the fourth congress of the Chinese Communist Yuchai Group Co., Ltd. in 2008, Yuchai’s talent development goal was clearly defined: “Teamwork, Stereo, Professionalization, and Internationalization”, which further raised the standards for the development of employees. And strict requirements. Shu Ping personally participated in the group training conference, emphasizing the importance of training, and always guaranteeing the implementation of training funds, supporting the training center to carry out various training activities, personally serving as honorary president of the Yuchai Technicians Association, paying attention to the construction of the talent team, etc. .

Fuping attracted a large number of leading experts in the industry to join Yuchai, established a high-level research and development team, and also possessed a national-level enterprise technology center, a nationally-accepted laboratory, a post-doctoral scientific research station, and a small highland for dynamic talents in Guangxi. Scientific research platform; excellent scientific research capabilities make Yuchai the first company to successfully develop and achieve emissions of 4 standard diesel engines and achieve mass production and put on the market; the first company to develop and successfully manufacture the national 5 diesel engine; the first independent research and development Successful diesel engines for cars and enterprises with production and supporting capabilities; the first to launch single-shaft parallel (ISG) city bus hybrids, etc. In 2008, he also led all Yuchai employees to achieve the grand goal of “rebuilding a Yuchao in three years” proposed at the beginning of 2006.

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