Magnetic Metal Detector Removes Metal Impurities from Powdered Food

In the production process of flour and rice flour, even if the cleaning of the raw materials is the best, magnetic metal materials must be removed. However, due to excessive flow of powder or reduced magnetic force, sometimes there are still magnetic metals mixed into the powder. At the same time, due to the abrasion of the grinding roller, the worn magnetic metal powder also continuously penetrates into the powdery food. Magnetic metal substances can enter the body with food, causing a variety of diseases. The content of magnetic metal in each kilogram of wheat flour shall not exceed 3PPM, and flour exceeding the limit shall not be used for human consumption. Therefore, the detection of magnetic metal content in powdered foods is an important part of adhering to national standards, strengthening quality management and protecting people's health. The magnetic metal analyzer can effectively measure metal substances in powdered foods.

From the average sample, weigh 1 kilogram of the sample and pour it all into the upper container. Turn on the power. Press the “Magnetic” button first, then press the “START” button on the motor, and then turn on the flow control switch. The sample flows through the boring plate into the storage drawer at a uniform speed. After all the samples have been flowed, stop the motor operation, pull out the stocker drawer, and then connect the vibrator to the lower part of the crucible, and turn off the observation window and open the observation window with a brush. The adsorbate was all swept into the bucket. Repeat this operation twice. Finally, all the adsorbed substances were purified by using “closed magnets” (magnet block) or tetrahedral carbon, and were weighed with one ten-thousandth of a gram. The results were calculated in “mg/kg”. When working, the operator is better not to wear the watch, and other magnetic materials should not be as close as possible so as not to be magnetized and affect the work effect.

The magnetic metal detector uses the electromagnet principle to turn the old manual inspection tool into a special inspection instrument for the first time, filling the gap in the domestic production of the instrument. The instrument has stable performance and high accuracy. The instrument recovery rate can reach more than 98%. Provide a good testing instrument for the implementation of national food standards. It took about 15 minutes to test a sample (three tests) with this instrument, which is more than three times more effective than a horseshoe-shaped permanent magnet with 12 kilogram suction for 45 to 60 minutes.

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Floating Ball Candle

You might think this is a silly question! But really, there are a lot of people who call our office and want to know ~ what is a floating candle-and how can you use them?

So we are here to give you all the candle information you need that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to floating candles and how to use them.

A floating candle is a candle that when placed in water displaces more water by weight than the weight of the candle. So when it`s placed in water it floats!

However, not every candle can float! These candles are usually made in a round shape that allows it to float evenly where placed. Votive or Pillar candles would not be able to float even though they displace water because they are top heavy, so they would tip into the water. There are some tealight candles that can float, but the best choice is a traditional floating candle!

These candles usually come in a multitude of colors, are unscented, and are normally available in 2" and 3" diameter.

A floating candle can go almost wherever there is water! Pools, vases, bowls, dishes, martini glasses, fountains, bathtubs, hot tubs and lakes. But they are not great for running water like rivers or streams. A very important bit of information about floating candles is to remember that the wick cannot get wet when placing in the water. If a 100% cotton wick takes on water, it will absorb that water. If this happens your burn time will be greatly impacted and you will be disappointed.

So when using floating candles, you should always gently place the candle into the water by holding onto the wick to ensure dryness prior to lighting. Floating candles have long burn times depending on the size you choose. The 2″ floating candles can burn up to 4-5 hours, and 3" can burn up to 8-10 hours! This gives you hours of beautiful glow atop your water.

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