· Multinational car companies in China are selling cars with higher profitability due to lower domestic standards

According to Xinhua News Agency, in recent years, some of the “recall” problems of multinational car companies in China have attracted more and more attention, and consumer complaints have also increased. The reporter's investigation found that some multinational auto companies in China have implemented “double standards” at home and abroad in order to obtain greater profits, and have low-allocation or reduction of the same brand of Chinese models, especially in the safety configuration that consumers cannot see. Make a fuss.
The US version of the 6-balloon Chinese version changed two reporters' surveys and found that in order to maximize profits, many multinational auto companies have reduced the Chinese version of the same foreign brand, although it has increased the luxury of the car surface, but it is seen by consumers. Wherever they are not, they adopt "double standards." This situation has occurred in many foreign brands such as Japanese, American, and German.
According to the official website of many car companies in the United States and China, the Nissan Sunshine US version is equipped with a standard body stabilization system. The Chinese version is basically unsuitable. The US version of the six airbags has become two on the Chinese version. The Chinese version of the Toyota Corolla, Camry and other Chinese mid- and low-end models are all equipped with a body stabilization system and airbags. In addition, the safety configuration of tire pressure monitoring and reversing images standard on many US brands on the US version has also disappeared on the Chinese version. In the Chinese auto market, it is often a high-profile model with a price of more than 20,000 yuan or more.
An executive of Beijing Wande Jiarui Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the production and sales of automobile safety systems, said that some multinational auto companies have repeatedly publicized that this is an advanced configuration, which makes consumers feel that it is a very high-end, very expensive technology.
Under the luxurious body is a pair of "smashed shoes"
The profits of multinational auto companies in China are growing rapidly. Why can't we improve the safety technology standards accordingly? Jia Xinguang, a senior auto industry expert, believes that the reduction of the security allocation of foreign brands in the Chinese auto market, which caters to Chinese consumers prefer high-end interiors and less emphasis on safety, but the technical standards are too low is an objective reason.
--- There is no clear requirement for the main safety configuration of the body stability system, head air curtain, etc., and it has become the largest reduction space for multinational car companies. At present, most European and American countries are obliged to install car body stabilization systems such as ESP, as well as head air curtains. However, in China, the “Technical Conditions for Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles” implemented after the revision in 2012 did not explicitly require these configurations.
--- The safety standard for car tires is low, and under the luxury body is a pair of "smashed shoes." A M PV model of a joint venture brand sells for more than 100,000 yuan, and the tire speed level is only T-class with a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour.
It is understood that the current "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" only requires that "the speed level of the tires installed in motor vehicles should not be lower than the maximum design speed of the vehicle." Not only some low-end models use T-class tires, but also some high-end The brand also quietly replaced the "Ma" and "Michelin" tires with low-end brands.
--- There is no hard regulation on the child safety seat fixture, and the seat belt configuration is quietly discounted. At present, the "Safety Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation" stipulates that at least one seat should be equipped with the ISO FIX child seat fixture, or at least one rear seat can use the Car Seat belt to effectively fix the child seat.
Experts explained that the latter part of the rule means that if there is no car with a special child seat fixture, but as long as the child seat can be tied to the seat, it can also be used in China.
According to industry insiders, before the introduction of the relevant domestic technical standards in 2012, car companies in China have always adopted a low or even unsuitable attitude towards some security configurations, so that the current relevant standards have been formulated to “accommodate” the low allocation of car companies. In addition, in addition to the automotive technology configuration involved in the domestic standards, parts such as vehicle fuel tanks still have no technical standards, and have become a major space for car companies to reduce allocation.

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