Negative pressure cleaning system--solutions to the port loading and unloading dust problem

Guidance: During the actual operation, the port will produce dust during loading and unloading and transportation of bulk materials. Especially when loading and unloading coal and grain-prone materials that generate dust, the port will often become hazy and dusty. In the scene, many employees still feel breathing difficulties while wearing a mask at work. In the process of loading, unloading and trans- porting, there will be blanking and dumping dust, which will increase the severity of dust pollution.

Negative pressure cleaning system--solutions to the port loading and unloading dust problem

The port has become an important hub for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation among the countries of the world. It is also known as an important driving force for world economic growth. However, it has the same problem with the industrial enterprise workshop. It is dust pollution, and no company developed it in the early days. The negative pressure cleaning system does not have a good solution to the problem of dust in the port, which has also become a difficult problem for the relevant state departments and owners.

SINOVAC Watson Environmental Protection is a professional R&D and production vacuum cleaning system manufacturer. Our excellent technical team has conducted in-depth research on the process characteristics of bulk bulk materials, storage, extraction and transportation in ports, and launched dust treatment for port bulk loading and unloading docks. Solution - SINOVAC negative pressure cleaning system.

As for the loading and unloading of dust at the port, we have continued to carry out targeted design and renovation of the SINOVAC negative pressure cleaning system to improve the efficiency of port dust management. The characteristics are as follows:

First, high anti-corrosion: In order to deal with sea wind corrosion, we use high anti-corrosion measures from the material selection and surface treatment to extend the life of the equipment;

Second, the high degree of protection: for the ever-changing natural conditions of the port, the system and components meet the protection level above IP65;

Third, for combustible dust, carry out explosion-proof, anti-static design, explosion suppression system, explosion relief system, explosion-proof system, sprinkler system and other flexible configuration; all cleaning tools, cleaning pipelines, cleaning the host are using anti-static design;

Fourth, the design of large-scale storage ash tanks: there is a time when the blanking occurs at the port, and a large-capacity storage tank is especially necessary;

V. Large Suction Design: When blanking occurs or repairs, the large suction negative pressure cleaning system can help customers to quickly handle the stacking.

The SINOVAC technical team adopts an integrated design for port dust suppression solutions. The solution is flexible and variable. The negative pressure cleaning system has low overall operating costs, long life, and easy to move operations. In particular, the situation is complex, and the natural weather changes so well that it can respond well to the port dust pollution problem.

Since the establishment of SINOVAC Watson Environmental Protection, it has been focusing on the problem of dust management in the industrial sector. It has made a leap-forward innovation for dust removal equipment and launched a new negative pressure cleaning system (this also meets the requirements of related departments that companies need to use dust management. The use of negative pressure cleaning for transportation and removal regulations has solved the problems encountered by traditional and domestic baghouse dust removal equipment.

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