Perimeter Prevention Market Popularity Video Surveillance Add Intrusion Detection

With the further expansion of market demand, the development of science and technology has been promoted. From the 1960s, a variety of perimeter detection technologies have emerged, and various intrusion detection and alarm systems have been integrated into the security field and become an important part of the security field. Perimeter prevention." The perimeter guards from entering the “playing brain era”, and video surveillance will continue to add strength in the future.

Perimeter to prevent entering the "play brain era"

Perimeter prevention technology has so far been called "hundred flowers and hundreds of schools of thought," and the original market has always been dominated by "judgmental" peripheral products, such as active infrared, microwave and other perimeter detection technology is "Yes / non-judgment type "Products that are affected by factors such as the environment often cause false positives.

With the rapid development of the economy, on the one hand, people's awareness of safety precautions has increased significantly, and the requirements for preventing products from the periphery have become higher and higher; on the other hand, criminals have become increasingly sophisticated and complex in their means of committing crimes, and many traditional ones. Perimeter intrusion detection products are difficult to deal with. In the face of such a severe form, Zhoujie products gradually change from “just right” to analytical products, just like installing a brain for the perimeter products, making the perimeter products enter many This type of analytical detection technology goes hand in hand with the "playing brain era."

At present, the market presents a variety of detection technologies that go hand in hand. The peripheral perimeter prevention systems with analytical perimeter intrusion detection products such as intelligent video analysis, fiber optic sensing, and vibration fiber optic cable have become the focus of attention in the perimeter market. . Weekly preventive products such as pulse/tension electronic fences, vibration cables, and leaky cables, although the price is significantly higher than infrared intrusion detection products, their alarm performance is high, and the false alarm rate for leakage is relatively low.

At present, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced intelligent video analysis technology into the perimeter prevention field. Intelligent video analysis technology can not only detect intrusions, but also detect the size and speed of the target.

Perimeter to prevent widespread industrial applications

Perimeter protection system can be applied to the perimeter of the perimeter boundary of the building to prevent or to prevent the interior area of ​​the building. However, there are differences in the role of different detectors, active infrared, laser radiation detectors in the case of intrusion alarm, that is, when the intrusion occurred when the alarm occurred. Electronic fence detectors, similar to physical protection, except for intrusion alarms, mainly play a deterrent role. But no matter what type of detector, it can give warnings at the first time, and can prompt security personnel to rush to the scene of the crime to deal with, so that the intruder can stop the crime before the actual unlawful act is implemented, and minimize the losses. The active infrared and laser radiation detector perimeter protection system has the advantages of beautiful appearance, concealed installation, wide alert range, and low input cost. The disadvantage is the post-warning. The perimeter guard system of the electronic fence detector has a low rate of false alarm and deterrence, that is, the criminals of the alarm may not have crossed the wall yet. The disadvantage is that the input cost is high.

Active infrared, laser beam detectors and electronic fence detectors have in common that they can be easily integrated with the alarm control system as a front-end detection device on the hardware. The installation is relatively simple and the preventive effect is obvious. Many users of all ages.

After many years of development, the perimeter preventive products have been applied quite widely. For example, they can be seen in high-end fields such as military factories, airports, ports, and government agencies, and they maintain a high rate of application growth in these areas. .

Smart Video Becomes Weekly "Partner"

In recent years, in the perimeter protection product field, the perimeter of the Internet of Things technology has been preventing the development of intrusion detection systems. The perimeter-based intrusion detection system based on the Internet of Things technology uses network-based cooperative detection for front-end detection. Compared with the traditional front-end detection device using single-point detection and switch output, it has the functions of precise target positioning, target identification, and behavior mode discrimination. .

Perimeter protection system is more to play a subsystem in the entire security system, more is to match the alarm host system, monitoring systems, smart home systems. Perimeter intrusion prevention systems often need to be integrated with CCTV systems or integrated control systems. The future perimeter defense against intrusion systems is therefore foreseeable. As an important security subsystem, it needs to be closely integrated with the upper platform. At present, the technical functions of the peripheral alarm products vary, and the alarm systems must be linked together on a system integration platform. Vendors need to provide open protocols and interfaces.

Intelligent video surveillance has gradually become a "partner" of perimeter prevention products. When the perimeter is guarded against alarms, intelligent video surveillance visualizes the status of the alarm scene. Intelligent video analysis technology can not only play a role in video review, but also expand the perimeter to prevent the area from being analyzed and analyze the insecurity factors in advance. With the development of technology, technologies such as human behavior identification, license plate recognition, face recognition, and iris recognition have been integrated into intelligent video surveillance. With the increase in the content of human behavior identification templates, smart video surveillance has been protecting products from other perimeters. Reducing the false alarm rate has played a certain role and has become an important part of the perimeter prevention detection technology.

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