Post-holiday car care six-step body fluid check chassis

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, private cars visiting friends and relatives have returned to the city where they work. During the holiday season, the frequency of use of private cars is very high, and small frictions on the road are also frequent. After the holiday, owners of 4S stores of various brands have also appeared in the scene of the maintenance of the car. After a long vacation, the owner should pay attention to what aspects of vehicle maintenance? Here are a few details to focus on, for the owner's friends to refer to:

First, make an appointment before <br> <br> maintenance vehicle maintenance due to the holiday than usual and more, the amount of the warranty 4S shop will also increase, 4S shop owners a good idea to make an appointment to after-sales department, which not only saves time, And will not delay the owner of the car. At the same time, some brands of 4S stores have launched bookings with discounted activities, and owners can enjoy more discounts.

The reporter learned from the interview that although each store saw a busy scene, most of the busy maintenance work is not a big problem. Some basic maintenance such as changing oil, painting, changing brake pads, etc. most common. The other car is to be a "health check," and there is nothing wrong with it.

"There is nothing wrong with my car. I just want to maintain it." A car owner who was waiting in line told the reporter that he had drove to Jiangxi during the Spring Festival. He ran more than 2000 kilometers on a Spring Festival. “As soon as the Spring Festival holiday is over, the number of vehicles to be maintained and maintained in the store is particularly large. There are forty to fifty vehicles a day.” The manager of the marketing department of Jinhua Shenzhe Automobile Sales Company told the reporter, “Our main business in these days is maintenance, Maintenance, everything else has become incidental."

After the end of a long vacation, many car owners will habitually drive the car to a 4S shop or repair shop for inspection and maintenance. Usually the first week after the Spring Festival, the shop entrances of the major 4S shops are also lined up like long queues, making the post-holiday maintenance and repair occasional peak. Under normal circumstances, after the first lunar month, this situation will gradually ease. Industry insiders remind the owners that it is not necessary to join in after the holiday to maintain the car. "The car generally has a certain period of maintenance. Many cars are maintained before the Spring Festival. There is no need to rush after the holidays," said a sales manager of a 4S shop.

In addition, the owner should contact the after-sales department of the 4S shop before making an appointment. This will not only save time, but will not delay the use of the car. At the same time, some brands of 4S stores have launched bookings with discounted activities, allowing owners to enjoy more discounts.

Second, car maintenance Festival six steps away <br> <br> Spring Festival return travel, car inevitably "scarred." Long-distance trekking, rain and wind, and various complicated road conditions will have a certain impact on the use of vehicles. In general, post-holiday car maintenance is simpler than pre-holiday maintenance, and the four items of “cleaning, inspection, addition, and repair” can be done. First of all, to the car to a thorough cleaning; after cleaning, to check the body and chassis to see if it has been scratched; after long-distance driving, oil, coolant, brake fluid and other losses, so it is necessary to add in time; If you have a big problem on the road, you need to repair it.

Cleaning the body: During the Spring Festival holidays, the vehicle runs long distances, the body is easy to sediment, and there is also a lot of dust attached. The end of the long vacation, the first thing to do is to clean the outside of the body, remove the dust, mud and other traces attached to the car paint, so as to avoid all kinds of dirt stay in the body for a long time, damage the paint. In addition, frost and snow in winter can easily remain on the surface of the vehicle body, and the inclusion of corrosive chemicals can also cause damage to the paint.

Here to remind owners like yourself, car wash generally choose sunny, it is best to have a breeze, so you can avoid the water frozen in the body. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid excessive force on the body covered with mud, or use dirty cloth to carry sand, causing new damage and new scratches on the paint.

Check the chassis: visiting friends and relatives during the Spring Festival may go a lot of usual unfamiliar places, the complex road conditions are likely to cause minor scratches on the chassis of the car, so it is necessary to check the chassis after the trip back. The contents of the inspection include whether the transmission components, suspension components are loose or damaged, and chassis corrosion inspection. Although the car chassis has been treated with anti-rust before leaving the factory, it does not need to be inspected on roads with good road conditions. However, if it is on a mountain road or a muddy road, the possibility of corrosion of the chassis is greatly increased, especially mud. Such dirt can easily adhere to the chassis, and some sands that continuously strike the chassis will also peel off the original chassis armor and other protective layers from the chassis, and the possibility that the chassis will be rusted will increase.

Fluid supplement: The normal operation of a car is inseparable from the various liquids. Many car owners use the Spring Festival holiday to drive cars in the South China Sea. The journey ranges from hundreds of kilometers to thousands of kilometers. After long-distance work, the various liquids of the car will inevitably leak and consume. In addition, the engine may degrade engine oil under continuous high temperature operation. Therefore, various oils should be tested after long-distance driving.

Tire maintenance: Tires are maintenance parts that are easier for the owner to ignore. After long-distance driving, it is necessary to thoroughly check the tire pressure, four-wheel balance, and whether there are aging cracks or wounds. In cold weather, the rubber will become hard and brittle. Not only will the coefficient of friction be reduced, but it will also be easier to leak and puncture than other seasons. It is recommended that owners who used to travel long distances carefully clean up the inclusions in the tread and avoid using tires that are subject to wear. If it is found completely worn, it should be replaced in time. The four tires are preferably the same brand, the same pattern, the same size.

Cleaning the interior: In addition, due to the heavy use of cars during the Spring Festival and the cold weather, the windows are generally closed during driving, especially during high-speed driving. The strange smell in the compartment and the evaporator and other miscellaneous odors are mixed together. Unbearable. In addition, during the holiday season, the car often becomes a small storage space. Everything is piled inside. After the festival, the contents of the car should be properly sorted out and a thorough cleaning and deodorization should be performed. Special reminder is not to forget the trunk, visit friends and relatives, the trunk is often filled with all kinds of gifts, there will be a variety of clean curing agents, cleaning mop and other brain piled in the trunk, It is necessary to do a thorough cleaning work at the warmer weather.

Stopped vehicles also need to be inspected: During the Spring Festival, some vehicles are still in a stopped state. Some owners think that the car has stopped well and there is no loss. There is no need for maintenance. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If the vehicle is not used for a long time, there does not seem to be any wear on the surface. In fact, long-term parking will cause deterioration of the oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze. Especially in winter, the weather is cold. If the car is parked outside, the liquid in the car is more prone to abnormalities, and the tires and rims are also easily deformed. Therefore, owners who have not used the car on a long vacation should also perform inspections and maintenance.

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