Slime drying equipment market trend in 2015

At the beginning of January, regarding the press conference for the “2014 China Coal Industry Reform and Development Bulletin” press conference, the vice president of the China Coal Industry Association stated that the slime drying equipment as the main energy status of China is immutable in the short term, and the development and utilization of coal slime Major changes will take place, the supply of coal slime will be more rational, a major breakthrough will be made in the clean conversion of slime, and the business model of slime drying enterprises will undergo profound changes.

Judging from the demand relationship of slime drying equipment, in 2015, the state adjusted the total energy consumption, increased the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption, drastically reduced energy consumption per unit of GDP, reduced atmospheric pollutant emissions, and reduced coal consumption in primary energy consumption. The proportion of energy structure will be further optimized and the intensity of coal demand will be further reduced.

Seen from the supply of coal slime drying equipment, on the one hand, China’s coal production capacity has exceeded 4 billion tons, and the scale of construction under construction is more than 1 billion tons. As a result, the pressure on the release of coal slurry drying equipment is increasing, and the global market is overcapacity, and imports will remain relatively large. On the other hand, the state strictly controls illegal and illegal coal production and construction, controls unsafe production, supercapacity production, and restricts the production and consumption of inferior coal. The blind increase in slime production will be curbed.

It is preliminary forecast that the slime drying market will continue to maintain its development progress this year in 2015. Affected by the national regulatory policies, the development of slime drying equipment will become increasingly standard and orderly.

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