Suez won Yangzhou sludge drying project

China Drying Network Recently, France’s Suez Environment Group announced that its joint venture Yangzhou Sino-French Environmental Co., Ltd. has obtained a 30-year contract worth 234 million euros to operate the Yangzhou sludge drying project, of which Suez Environmental Group holds 24 million euros. According to the agreement, Yangzhou China and France will exclusively provide Yangzhou residents and industrial customers with safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly sludge drying services in the next 30 years. The project is planned to be put into operation in 2015, with a daily processing volume of 300 tons for the first phase of the project. With the needs of urban development, it is expected that the daily processing volume of the project will reach 500 tons.

It is reported that Suez Environmental Group has taken the lead in 2009 to introduce the Group's patented Deloitte-based sludge treatment process INNODRY2E for the Chinese market, and established the first sludge drying treatment plant in the Tangjiabu Wastewater Treatment Plant. In 2011, the group built the first sludge drying treatment plant in Jiangsu Province in Suzhou Industrial Park.

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