Talking about the development trend of LED lighting industry in 2014

At present, with the economic recovery and development, the LED lighting industry has entered the highway. For the future development of LED lighting, there are mainly 15 predictions:
First, LED indoor lighting will continue to ferment, becoming the largest cake in the lighting industry, and continues to exceed the share of outdoor lighting. With this opportunity, the LED home lighting brand will continue to rise.
Second, corresponding to this, LED ceiling lamps will become mainstream products in the home, single-product enterprises will continue to increase, quality will continue to increase, prices will continue to decline.
Third, LED light sources will be widely used in lanterns, such as modern lights, Chinese lights, crystal lights, European lights, etc., and continue to be the selling point of the lanterns.
Fourth, the American style of light blossoms three branches: the American neoclassical style has a more classic or antique flavor, one gradually develops towards minimalism, and one branch is extremely luxurious, such as copper and gold-plated.
Fifth, the light strip will gradually be divided into the autumn with the LED/T5. In 2013, the biggest selling point of 220V/LED lamp belt is that the luminous efficiency is close to or flat T5, but it is more plastic than T5, and the decorative effect is more prominent.
Sixth, LED desk lamps will become the new favorite of the market, and the share is not small. Adult table lamps tend to be heavy, and children's lamps are biased towards fun, such as cartoonization and music.
7. The new Chinese style will continue to flourish. Compared with the traditional Chinese style, the style, material and color are more modern. Hailing, Laiyunda, Mingmufang and Qin Shiyue are representatives of such manufacturers.
Eight, modern lights will continue to win the favor of young consumers. Modern lamps with fashion, simplicity, color and trend as the main style will become the first choice for the young consumers in the city. They represent the brand, source, Micah and Qilang.
9. The combined sales of home and lighting will continue to rise. Lighting market, lighting shop selling home, home market, home store selling lighting will become a new trend. Taking this as an opportunity, the combination of ceramics, soft clothing and lighting will become a bigger trend. This is also the direction of the World Lighting Times' efforts to integrate.
Ten, the crystal lamp is still divided between the north and the south, the new and the old are divided into the world. Heavy citrine lamps in the north, heavy black and white crystal lamps in the south; modern crystal lamps in the big cities, popular traditional crystal lamps in small cities and rural new aristocrats, which are difficult to distinguish in the short term.
11. Low-voltage lamps will enter a trough in 2014, and a large number of manufacturers have to make adjustments. The main reason is still that the lamp body is too complicated, and the quality of the lighting is mixed, causing a crisis of consumer trust.
Twelve, the alliance will become fashionable. The industry will break the history of its own politics and move toward a new era of warmth and group development. Representatives include China Lighting Industry Alliance, China Lighting Sharing Alliance, Weizhi Alliance, and Lights Credit Union.
Thirteen, LED business photos continue to rise, the traditional business photos gradually fade. In 2014, the amount of LED replacement for public lighting will be even larger. Of course, this is mainly a feast for big companies.
14. The promotion and procurement of LED street lamps will increase, and street lamp enterprises will usher in a new round of development opportunities. Of course, the competition will be more intense than ever.
Fifteen, energy-saving lamps are facing a major landslide, and a large number of light source enterprises must transform. Enterprises in this transition period face huge losses and the process is extremely painful.

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