Test car classification

When it comes to testing cars , people immediately detect the presence of air pollution indicators in their minds. But in fact, there are many kinds of monitoring vehicles, and it is not only the monitoring vehicles that detect air or environment. Monitoring vehicles can be classified according to different functions. Next, we will give you a brief introduction to various inspection vehicles .


Testing food and drug monitoring vehicles. Including food testing vehicles and drug testing vehicles. Food inspection vehicles, as the name implies, are vehicles used to detect food safety. The appearance of food inspection vehicles is to enable rapid food testing and thorough investigation of abuse of additives to ensure food safety and hygiene. Similarly, drug testing vehicles are vehicles for drug safety testing.

Bridge inspection vehicles are vehicles used to detect bridges. The personnel inspected move through the platform to the location where it needs to be detected and then perform inspections and repairs. Such a platform ensures the safety of the staff.

Testing road pavement monitoring vehicles. Including road monitoring vehicles, highway monitoring vehicles and road monitoring vehicles. The road monitoring vehicle collects receipts while the vehicle is traveling, detects the shape of the road and the smoothness of the road, and finds out hidden dangers on the road. It provides data for road maintenance. The highway monitoring vehicle is designed to detect the shape of the road. The road monitoring vehicle is a vehicle that detects the smoothness of the road surface.

Detects monitoring vehicles such as tracks. Including track detection vehicles and contact network detection vehicles. The track inspection vehicle is used to detect the state of the track and to check the smoothness of the track. After the track inspection vehicle collects data, it can perform data processing. Catenary detection vehicle, used to detect the contact network of the railway.

At present, there are many types of inspection vehicles depending on the function. The function of the monitoring vehicle is constantly improving, which can bring greater convenience to people and the collection of data becomes more and more simple and accurate. The function of the inspection vehicle is constantly increasing, and at the same time of collecting a specific data, the remaining information will be collected, which can be used by people to analyze information from multiple perspectives.

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