This is your "Shenzhen Car Rental Collection"

"Double 11" makes all fields crazy. Car rental also entered the era of price-raising. Not only did the traditional industry leaders such as Shenzhou and Yili start to issue prices, but some Internet car rental companies such as AA car rental, Baojia car rental, etc. also began to paint prices. .

Of course, for consumers, the more intense the price war, the more benefits consumers can get, which is also a good thing to a certain extent. So how do consumers take advantage of this good time now? Nandujun specially prepared this "Shenzhen Car Rental Collection" for you.

Car Rental Chapter 1

What are the car rental channels in Shenzhen?

As a rapidly developing modern metropolis, Shenzhen is also an important position for car rental companies. At present, traditional car rental companies such as Shenzhou Car Rental Co., Ltd., and a car rental car are all deployed in Shenzhen. According to official website information, Shenzhou Car Rental has a total of 70 stores in Shenzhen. The first major transportation hubs such as Luohu Port, Shenzhen North Railway Station, and Bao'an Airport have one, followed by the regional distribution on demand. The largest number of stores is Futian District, a total of 16 Home, followed by Nanshan and Bao'an District 14, 13 in Longgang, 8 in Luohu District, 5 in Longhua New District and 2 in Guangming New District. Most of these stores are located in the subway entrances, especially the inner sections of the Luobao and Longgang lines, which are easily accessible to consumers. Among them, Bao'an Airport and Luohu Haoyu Store are both open 24 hours. On the China Car Rental Agency website, there will be a phone number and address for each store. Consumers can choose nearby when renting a car.

Relatively speaking, there are only a few car rental outlets, including 12 in Longgang, 11 in Baoan, 11 in Longhua New District, 7 in Futian, 7 in Luohu, 4 in Nanshan, and 4 in Putian. However, as soon as a rental car is comparable to a car rental company in China, the consumer will look at the store's address to determine which service to choose.

If you own a car and you believe in an internet car rental company, you can also choose a car sharing platform such as Prodrive Car Rental and PP Car Rental. After registering as a member, rent your car and let others give you a car fare. If you don't have a car, you can rent someone else's car on these platforms at any time. At present, the number of users of PP car rental in Shenzhen has exceeded 10,000, and the vehicle resources are still relatively sufficient.

For these Internet car rental models, all you need to do is download their A PP. When choosing a car, they will display free vehicles near your location, including luxury cars such as BMWs and practical vehicles such as Buick. It should be noted that when renting a vehicle, look at the contents of the agreement and check the vehicle. Whether it is a tenant or a car owner, make a detailed inspection when the vehicle is delivered to avoid disputes. At present, the network distribution of major Internet car rental companies is still concentrated in the customs. If you want to rent cars outside the customs, you can choose a traditional car rental company.

If you want to find a driver, you can choose to download e drive and other A PP, although Xiangmihu car city, near several major points and other places will generally gather some scattered drivers can choose for you, but it is best to choose the formal channels .

Car Rental Chapter 2

How much is the cost of car rental?

After knowing the approximate distribution of each rental car company, the next step is to look at the price.

The car rental market has huge potential in its own right. In the past two years, it has attracted a huge amount of investment and a large number of entrants. As competition in the industry intensifies, the price war is inevitable. At present, the price war has already become fiery. The homepage of the China Car Rental Co., Ltd. is a big tease: "I'm low in price? You're tender!" The slogan shows the Buick Excelle/Sedan/1.6 auto version. The daily rent is only 59 yuan.

In order to seize more users, Shenzhou Cars has set up special price zones, perhaps in order to cooperate with "Double 11". From November 11 to 13, there are several special models, Kia K 2, Honda Fit, Peugeot 308 and other daily rentals. Only 59 yuan. These special areas will change with the changes in the festival, but generally will continue to continue, so consumers can basically find cost-effective models at any time.

A car rental also has many benefits, some special models are also very cost-effective. Interestingly, a rental car will also have corresponding additional services, such as the Friends of the Association will organize the user to play in the resort, the price will be cheaper than with the group tour. It should be reminded that these car rental companies will require insurance, and the general insurance premium for China Car Rental is RMB 40. Of course, plus the premium, the rental of the special car is still very cheap.

The price war of the treasure drive car rental, PP car rental and other models is equally powerful, Po drive car rental a 2009 Hyundai Yue rent only 99 yuan, PP rental car rental general business car is also cheaper than traditional car rental companies such as China.

In the selection of a car rental company, industry insiders suggest that it is best to choose according to whether the location is convenient or not. Secondly, which car rental company has a special model, whether it is a traditional car rental company or an Internet car rental company, will release some time later. Special models or coupons, consumers can seize the opportunity to experience at the right time.

Car Rental Chapter 3

How to choose a car rental plan?

The price war is fierce. The next thing consumers need to do is shop around and choose the most affordable solution. If you rent a car is a short-term rental, ordinary work to use, then you can choose the car rental car in China, cost-effective is not lost face, other car rental companies are also available, but the price is slightly more expensive than the special car.

If you are renting a car to the airport for pick-up and drop-off guests, you may consider choosing an Internet car rental company. The cars in these companies are all private cars. All aspects of maintenance will be more elaborate and more elaborate than those of ordinary rental companies, and both rental and insurance fees will be Lower, overall, the total cost will be about 20% cheaper than traditional car rental companies.

If you are traveling by car for a long time, it is better to choose a traditional car rental company. These companies are more mature in various aspects of service, and the self-driving tour has a high demand for vehicles. The Internet car rental company may have a bit of trouble at the legal level when it comes to dispute resolution. The vehicle crashed and it was not well explained to the owner of the other vehicle.

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