Traditional and e-commerce game LED lighting channel who is making money

At present, the development of LED lighting e-commerce is booming, and all major companies are full of strength and rushing to compete. At the same time, with the acceleration of urbanization speed, many enterprises began to deploy new channels to speed up the penetration into second- and third-tier cities. However, in the traditional channel to fight e-commerce channels, who is making money? Can e-commerce become the channel for emerging LED companies to break through? How can the e-commerce channel and the traditional channel be perfectly combined to maximize the benefits? It has become a problem that enterprises and distributors need to think about.
Contrast: Is the difference obviously going to make money or the future?
The situation of lighting e-commerce and news news are ever-changing and unpredictable, and everyone feels indifferent. A well-known e-commerce representative once said that in fact, there are three things to do for e-commerce in traditional enterprises: 1. Find a suitable e-commerce person in charge, decentralize, first do Tmall; 2. Do a good job in the whole network (Jingdong, etc. 3; Appropriate attention to WeChat e-commerce, mobile e-commerce, engage in Weibo WeChat, layout point own B2C long-term. According to industry data, there are many people who make money in e-commerce. According to industry data, there are many people who make money in traditional retail, and there are fewer people who lose money. There are fewer people who make money in e-commerce channels, and there are many people who lose money. At the time of the rapid development of e-commerce, when some of the problems behind it cannot be effectively solved, and the price advantage is gradually reduced by the high promotion fee, the traditional channel may have a rebound period.
Last year, the Taobao double eleventh war, lighting sales exceeded expectations, making people fall. What is the profit of the company behind the search for e-commerce? What is the return rate? With the development of e-commerce, its promotion expenses have also increased year by year. The high promotion cost will make many enterprises unable to bear. This may lead to the opportunity of traditional channel rebound in the future. Everyone would rather put more financial and material resources into the traditional channels. Construction, and not willing to invest in the field of e-commerce.
For example, Feng Huakui, editor-in-chief of the "Sales and Marketing" channel section, said that if we stop the promotion fee of Taobao, can our online store still survive? Feng Huakui believes that if the gross profit of 50 is calculated according to the gross profit of 50, the promotion fee of 15 to 20 is very normal. The traditional enterprise has worked hard to achieve 2 billion yuan a year, and 40 million yuan has been given to Taobao, basically working for Taobao.
However, as a development trend, e-commerce must develop, and it is a good strategy for enterprises to focus on e-commerce. However, traditional retailers have experienced setbacks in e-commerce, and they must see what they are experiencing. For brand owners, e-commerce focuses on business; for retailers, e-commerce focuses on electronics. If you make a mistake, you will be paid by yourself.
Thinking: LED lighting e-commerce is not a light e-commerce business is a light asset enterprise, but the development of a certain scale has become a heavy manpower enterprise, a small number of hundreds of people, a few thousand people, the scale of investment is unpredictable, real Not at all light. On the surface, the e-commerce front-end looks light, but the back-end supply chain, IT systems, etc. are very heavy. Many traditional business owners have fallen because of the light e-commerce.
Sunlight intends to develop 20 million into the e-commerce channel to develop its own brand. Recently, the news has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Some news media reported that it was learned from insiders that Sunshine Lighting will add e-commerce channels in China this year, with plans to invest 10-20 million yuan. The purpose of setting up e-commerce channels is mainly to develop its own brands.
At present, domestic lighting companies have established e-commerce channels one after another, and e-commerce has become an indispensable channel for enterprises to develop their own brands. Among them, Zhouming Technology's e-commerce channel has left a deep impression on everyone. Since August 2013, Chau Ming Technology has invested in Hanyuan and established the Zhouming Hanyuan brand. It has fully promoted the O2O model promotion and operation of the LED lighting industry, and is strongly supported by online and offline customers.
Yes, at present, many traditional lighting business owners think that several computers can sell e-commerce with a few customer service sales. It is indeed a matter of lightness. The lightness of e-commerce is relative and the weight is relative. If an e-commerce company finishes everything, it becomes a veritable weight. If it is directly based on electronic business behavior, it is light.
Balance: Seeing the direction of development, controlling the loss and winning, the overall situation, traditional retailers make more money, fewer people lose money; but the e-commerce channel makes fewer people, the loss of more people, the current e-commerce is to set up for everyone One hopes that e-commerce is a good thing, it must be done, and it can make a lot of money, but this hope for many companies seems to be close at hand, but far away.
The cost of labor is rising, the tax system is constantly improving, and where should e-commerce go?
For the future development trend of e-commerce, Xiao Xiaohong, assistant to the chairman of Zouqu Guanghui Lighting Market, talked about Suning: The reason why Suning is doing very well is because it has many physical stores to do the foundation, and e-commerce can't completely replace the physical store, but he It will also continue to impact physical stores, as well as the lighting industry.
Meng Shunqing, general manager of Shanghai Liangfan E-Commerce Co., Ltd. also bluntly said that for the moment, there is still a long way to go for new channels to challenge traditional channels, but the future development of e-commerce must be good. For the merchants, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations now. He said: The most important thing to do for e-commerce is to choose good products. At present, the products of the large circulation category have been flooded, especially the bulbs; the second is a good team.
Perhaps, at the time of the rapid development of e-commerce, when some of the problems behind it cannot be effectively solved, and the price advantage is gradually reduced by the high promotion fee, it is not impossible for the traditional channel to rebound for a period of time, and may even affect the e-commerce. The speed of development.
Traditional enterprises must be electrocuted and beware of electrical injuries. It is true that the traditional lighting companies' e-commerce roads are full of ups and downs, carrying the physical burden of the e-commerce business, companies need to be cautious according to their own development, do not mind a hot, desperate. Don't follow the trend, do what you are good at. E-commerce in the lighting industry cannot completely replace traditional shops. The most important thing is to understand the differences between traditional channels and e-commerce, and to find breakthroughs and joint points.

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