Xudong vortex flowmeter product advantages introduced

Under certain flow conditions, a part of the fluid kinetic energy is converted into fluid vibration, and the vibration frequency has a definite proportional relationship with the flow velocity (flow rate). A flowmeter operating on this principle is called a fluid vibrating flowmeter. At present, there are three types of fluid vibrating flowmeters : vortex flowmeters , precession (vortex precession) flowmeters and jet flowmeters .
Vortex flowmeters place one or more non-streamlined bluff bodies in the fluid. The fluid is alternately separated on both sides of the bluff body to release two series of regular vortices. The vortex is separated within a certain flow range. The frequency is proportional to the average flow rate in the pipeline. The fluid flow rate can be calculated by measuring the vortex frequency using various types of detection elements.
Vortex flowmeter is a very popular flow meter. Vortex flowmeter is widely used for fluid, but it is not suitable for measuring ReD2104 fluid. When the Reynolds number is low, the Strouhal number changes with the Reynolds number, the linearity of the instrument becomes worse, and the viscosity of the fluid is high, which significantly affects or even hinders the generation of the vortex. At the same time, there is a requirement for the fouling properties of the fluid. The solid granule-containing fluid generates noise when eroded by the vortex generator and wears on the vortex generator.
Vortex flowmeter is a speed type flowmeter. The stability of the vortex separation is affected by the flow velocity distribution, so it has certain requirements for the straight pipe section, generally the first 10D, the last 5D; when the liquid is measured, the upper limit flow rate is subject to pressure loss and The "cavitation" phenomenon is limited to 10 m/s. When measuring gas, the upper limit flow rate is limited by the change of the compressibility of the medium. The lower limit flow rate is limited by the Reynolds number and the sensitivity of the sensor. The general gas flow rate ranges from 10-70 meters per second, and the steam flow rate ranges from 8-50 meters per second. Stress-type vortex flowmeters are sensitive to vibrations. Therefore, when installing vortex flowmeters in pipelines with more vibration, the pipelines must have certain shock-absorbing measures; stress-type vortex flowmeters use piezoelectric crystals as detection sensors. Due to temperature limitations, the general long-term operating temperature is -40°C to +350°C and -10°C to +250°C.
Vortex flowmeter is mainly used to measure the flow of media fluids in industrial pipelines, such as gases, liquids, vapors and other media. It is characterized by low pressure loss, large measuring range, high accuracy, and almost no influence of parameters such as fluid density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity when measuring volume flow. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be stable over a long period of time. The vortex flowmeter uses a piezo-electric stress sensor, which has high reliability and can work in the operating temperature range of -20°C to +250°C. There are analog standard signal and digital pulse signal output. It is easy to use with digital systems such as computers. It is an advanced and ideal flow meter.
Xudong Instrument Factory's Xudong Vortex Street Flowmeter adopts advanced differential technology, with isolation, shielding, filtering and other measures, to overcome similar problems such as poor seismic resistance, small signal data disorder, and uses a unique sensor package Technical and protective measures ensure the reliability of the product. With anti-seismic alarm function, under the normal flow conditions, the LED indicator light on the amplifier board is on, indicating that the flow rate is normal, and the pulse signal is output at the same time. In the non-flow situation, the indicator light is extinguished, the output pulse is forbidden, and the anti-seismic processing and anti-seismic processing are output at the same time. Pulse signal. Within a certain Reynolds number range, the output signal frequency is not affected by changes in the physical properties and composition of the fluid, and the meter factor is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator. No compensation is required to measure the volumetric flow rate of the fluid. Generally, it is not necessary to change the frequency after replacing the accessories. Calibration meter factor.

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