Yunnei Power deploys 2016 quality improvement

For an enterprise, quality is an enterprise spirit and an eternal goal. It is a core element that a company can continue to develop. In 2016, Yunnei Power's “Quality Management Year” and “Improving Product Quality” were regarded as the top priorities of all jobs. In order to ensure the smooth realization of the objectives, not long ago, Yun Nei Yang Bo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, organized the company's relevant leaders to hold a special meeting to carry out a comprehensive and detailed arrangement for the 2016 quality improvement work.

Yunnei Power deploys 2016 quality improvement

At the meeting, Deputy Managing Director Dai Yunhui, who was in charge of company quality work, explained to everyone the company's 2016 quality campaign implementation plan and plan. The plan clearly stated that the company should establish requirements for the “unconditional and quality-improving” work mechanism, advance and start the quality battle from the design to the service, form a quality and high-pressure management mechanism, and achieve full-process control and full participation. At the same time, in conjunction with the company's environmental protection consistency program, the company's products continue to improve the consistency, to ensure that the company's products meet national laws and regulations.

As an important part of quality work, after-sales service capacity building has also been fully reflected in the program: The company will establish a mid-level cadre call center duty system, and relevant leaders should take the initiative to understand the company's product quality and end-user needs, and feedback to customers. The quality information put forward specific improvement measures, tracking until closed. In this regard, Yang Bo, chairman of the relevant responsibility of the leadership issued a clear request: "to the company back to the national service hotline, personally listen to the voice of customers, with a sincere and serious attitude to deal with each customer's problems."

In accordance with the "who produces and who is responsible", "whoever is responsible for purchasing", "who designs who is responsible for", "who is responsible for" principle of the strict formula designed by the relevant responsible leaders call "stressed." In the face of everyone's "uneasy," Yang Bo, chairman of the meeting summarized in the meeting: "Despite the arduous task of absolute quality, but I think we all understand that the current situation, 'Made in China' wants to be in many foreign brands' The siege' stands firm and holds the foot, while grasping the domestic market at the same time to the world, there is no guarantee of quality. All grand visions are castles in the air. We hope that every leader and employee of the company will put their sense of responsibility in their arms and really regard product quality as The lifeline of the company regards the affirmation of customers as the goal of our struggle. As long as we can work together to build a solid foundation for quality, the future of Yunnei will certainly be a great achievement."

The first-class quality creates first-class products, and the first-class product tree has a first-class brand. In the pursuit of high-quality products, Yunnei's power has never stopped. Through the further strengthening of the "Quality Management Year," the "cloud core" that has gone through 60 years of trials and hardships will again be able to achieve qualitative transformation.

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